Shark Navigator vacuum for pet hair

We hope that this page dedicated to our Shark Navigator Lift Away NV352 review will show you how good this pet hair vacuum can be. If you buy the Navigator Lift Away for an average sized home, you will not be disappointed. It is a capable vacuum and perfectly suited to most tasks thrown at it.

The main appeal of this model is its weight. Many vacuums, especially older models, weigh an absolute ton and this is a real concern especially if you have back problems – speak to anyone with a heavy vacuum and they’ll tell you how much they hate lugging it around the house. If you feel a similar way then you really should look for a vacuum that is easy to handle and move about, as it makes cleaning so much easier and less time consuming.

Detailed Look at the Shark NV352

This section is used to provide you with a little more detail on the main features in the Lift Away NV352 model. The NV352 is not only light to carry, but it’s a breeze to push around the house even for extended periods if you have to clean your entire home for guests.

Even though it’s lightweight, I’ve you will be surprised by how powerful the suction is. Many vacuums might have a higher power rating, but the NV352 has brilliant suction for just 10 amps, which is pretty impressive. This model deals with most of the day to day dust, hair, and rubbish that accumulates in an average house or apartment without any real problems. If you have a dog which sheds its hair quite a bit, then this vacuum might be just for you. Thankfully, the Shark NV352 will never have any difficulty with this, and you can be confident that it will handle hair from even the largest of dogs.

It’s a pretty adaptable vacuum which can be used in both a standing position or as a hand-held canister. The range of hand tools which come with the NV352 is pretty good, although a few other vacuums in this price range have many more. It comes with a long crevice tool and a short crevice tool for getting into hard to reach places as well as a turbo brush for pet hair and a dusting brush which will work well for window sills and shelves.

One of the best features is the auto-off function. If you suck up one of your kids’ toys, the vacuum will turn itself off immediately when jammed, which protects the motor and belt from breaking. Also, the filters used are supposedly lifetime lasting, so you should never have to change them – most buyers haven’t had any problems with them so far – which is a real money saver.

A look at the not so great things

As this isn’t a super expensive model, there are a few limitations that should be discussed. First, while it is lightweight, the unit can easily topple over so you have to be careful if you leave it unattended with kids around. Second, the extension cord seems too short. Normal sized rooms which aren’t that large shouldn’t be affected, but if you have a big floorspace then this might be a concern. Third, even though it comes with a number of accessories, they don’t all clip onto the vacuum which seems to be a bit of a design flaw and takes up more of my storage space than needed. Finally, while many really like the narrow nozzle head for getting into tight spaces, the unit canister seems a bit bulky and can sometimes stop the user from getting to places without moving furniture around. That being said we think it makes a great choice if you are looking for an updated 2016 vacuum for carpet.

The Shark NV352 is still a great vacuum for its lightweight feel and suction, so even though it has a few problems it is one which comes with many glowing reviews, especially over those overpriced alternatives!

3 Features To Look For In A Balance Bike

One of the great things about a balance bike is its simple design. However, just because the design is simple doesn’t mean you should take the one size fits all approach. Balance bikes can be used for children as young as 18 months old all the way up to a 4 year old. You need to make sure the bike is able to adjust to suit both riders. To help you find the best balance bike for your child I have listed 3 features you should look for before you make your purchase.

Feature #1 – Seat Height

The first thing you want to look for is the saddle height. What is the minimum? It is important you don’t purchase a bike with the wrong seat height. You want a seat height that is a minimum of 1 inch less than the child’s inseam. Doing so will make it a lot easier for the child to get on and off the bike. Make sure to take your time and read as many balance bike reviews as possible.

The frame size of balance bikes also vary quite a bit. A small frame may offer greater flexibility when it comes to adjusting the height of the seat. The problem however is that it may be too small for older children. That’s why you need to pay close attention to how the seat adjusts. Make sure it is easy to do. You don’t want to have to find a certain tool every time you need to make an adjustment. You want it to be convenient. With most balance bikes it is.

Feature #2 – Brakes

A toddlers hand is not big enough to use a hand brake. They always use their feet to bring the bike to a stop. As noted in this review of the Strider 12 balance bike, children under the age of five usually don’t have enough strength or dexterity in their hands to use hand brakes. This according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. While hand brakes are good, its best you get a balance bike that doesn’t have them. After all, balance bikes are designed for children to control them with their feet.

Feature #3 – Type Of Tires Used

As crazy as it sounds, there are actually six different types of tires you can choose from for a balance bike. They are as follows:

  • Hard Plastic
  • EVA Foam
  • Rubber Honeycomb
  • Air
  • Big Apple
  • Solid Rubber

Each type of tire has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, foam tires are very light and puncture proof. The problem is they don’t provide very much traction which can make them dangerous. They also don’t provide a lot of cushioning. Solid rubber tires on the other hand provide better traction and are also puncture proof.

If your toddler will be riding on a paved surface, foam tires will work just fine. If you have older children, 3 years and up, you should opt for honeycomb or air tires. Take the time to do research on each type of tire. You want to make sure you are getting the perfect tire for your child to ride on.

6 Cord Safety Tips For Baby Monitors

Over the last several years at least 7 babies have died as a result of being strangled by a baby monitor cord. Several others were entangled but freed before anything serious took place. All of these incidents were a result of the monitor cord being too close to the crib. To help you better protect the one you love the most, I have put together 6 cord safety tips you need to keep in mind. This is one of the many reasons you need to always be on the lookout for updated sites like this 2016 video baby monitor website.

Tip #1 – The Cord & The Monitor Should Be Far Away From The Baby

Your little one should not be able to reach out and touch the monitor or the cord. If they can it is too close. Try to place the monitor and cord at least 3 feet away. The key is to make sure its close enough for you to hear and far enough away so the baby can’t get to it.

Tip #2 – Never Attach The Monitor To The Rail

Never underestimate the curiosity of a child. While you may think they can’t get to the monitor, if they want to they will find a way. That’s why you should never attach it to the rail of the crib. Doing so is far too risky. The cord should also never be secured to the rail. The baby could easily yank it off.

Tip #3 – Watch Out For Those Wall Mounted Baby Monitors

Some monitors will need to be mounted on a wall close to the baby’s crib. Be very careful when mounting this type of monitor. You don’t want the cord to dangle around the crib. As far as spacing goes, there should be at least 3 feet between the crib and the cord.

Tip #4 – Change Monitor Placement As The Baby Gets Older

As your baby becomes a toddler his or her arms will get longer. At this point the child will become more curious than ever and try to reach for any and everything around them. Because of this it is recommended you change the location of the baby monitor as the baby grows. This way the child won’t be able to get a hold of the cord and hurt themselves.

Tip #5 – Follow The Manufacturers Instructions

All manufacturers will give you specific instructions on how you should secure the cord. Make it a point to follow these instructions. This is especially important for movement sensor monitors which must be placed close to the baby. Keeping the cords tight and secure will help protect your little one.

Tip #6 – Be On The Lookout For Other Cord Hazards

Baby monitor cords aren’t the only cord hazards that may be present. While you are securing your baby monitor, take a few minutes to look around the room for other cord hazards. Window blind cords are one of the biggest culprits. If you have blinds in the room be sure the crib is nowhere near them. Other things such as electronics, ribbons from nursery décor and decorative cords can also pose a serious risk. If you have any of these items, remove them immediately. You can find more interesting tidbits all over the web.

5 Pieces Of Equipment Every Softball Player Needs

Before stepping foot on the field it is very important you have the proper equipment. Without the proper equipment you are more likely to injure yourself and your game will suffer. The purpose of this quick guide is to show you the 5 pieces of equipment every softball player needs.

Gloves & Mitts
Your glove just may be the most important piece of softball equipment you will ever purchase. Gloves come in a variety of different prices, and the best softball gloves can cost quite a bit! Keep in mind you will get what you pay for. Always make sure you are using the right type of glove for your position.


For best traction, cleats are an absolute must. It can be difficult to run around the bases with smooth soled shoes. Though you can try if you prefer. Cleats use hard rubber that is either screwed or molded into the bottom of the shoe. You cannot use metal cleats in youth softball. I recommend you stay away from them all together. They are very dangerous.

High top cleats are best for those who have weak ankles. They will offer the most support. No matter the style you choose, be sure your cleats fit comfortably.


You can’t hit the softball without a bat. The bat you choose will have a huge impact on the offensive part of your game. The softball bat you choose must not exceed 34 inches and cannot be wider than 2 and a quarter inches in diameter. These days softball is all about offense. Some even say we are in the offensive era. Because of this composite bats have become extremely popular. Rarely will you see a player using an aluminum bat in this day and age.

Always go to a local batting cage to take a few swings with your new bat. Take the time to test it out and see how it feels. If your best slowpitch softball bat performs well at the batting cage, chances are you will perform just as well on the field. But be careful not too get too flashy. For instance, here is a resource that looks at the best slowpitch bats.


Safety should always be your number one priority. That’s why having a helmet is a necessity. Anytime you are playing this game, make sure you have a helmet on your head. According to the official ASA rules, every helmet is required to have a mask attached to it. This helps to protect your face and prevents the ball from rising into it. Your helmet cannot be cracked or dented.


The last piece of equipment we will discuss is the batting glove. When you are practicing the game of softball it is very common to take 100 swings or more in a given day. Because of this you need something that will protect your hands from the rough surface of the bat. Batting gloves will help prevent calluses from developing on your hands.

Regular gloves also help when you are diving or sliding to catch a ball. They will protect your hands when you drag them in the dirt.

Having all the right equipment makes it easier for you to bring your “A” game every time out!

How to keep teens active

Teenagers, nowadays, spend most of their time in front of computers or hanging out with friends. Unlike when they are just kids, the lifestyle of most teenagers are not so active in such a way that they have been busy with other things instead of keeping themselves physically active. Luckily, there are certain ways to keep them physically active. Parents should also motivate and encourage their teens to perform some activities that will benefit their health. Here are some tips that can help teens to stay active.

  1. Avoid pressure – Health professionals recommend that teens need to exercise regularly. Parents have a significant role in motivating teens in a way that it will not pressure them. The best way to encourage teens is to discuss with them the importance of exercising and how they will benefit from it. Stimulate them to go out in nature and keep their body moving. Getting in touch with the nature is not only beneficial to health, but also gives the feeling of peace within.

  2. Give lots of options – In encouraging your teens to keep active, you need to offer options. This means that if your teens do not want to take a walk, then you can suggest cycling or jogging. If he or she is interested in cycling, you can look at these hybrid bicycles. This type of bicycle has a combined features of both road and mountain bike. That is why your teen will surely enjoy riding around the neighborhood or even on rugged roads.

  3. Sign up for fun run or walk for charity – Engaging in this activity can be more effective in keeping your teen active. Likewise, it is also the best way to bond with the family.

Aside from those tips cited above, you can also help your teens to stay active and physical fit by engaging in competitive sports like baseball, football, soccer and many others. When it comes to baseball, your teen can still play the game even not joining a team. All you need is to have pitching machines for baseball and he enjoys the game.

The pitching machine can help in practicing the pitching and batting skills. This is a great help for beginners and even for advanced players. Using this machine will not only motivate your teens to exercise but it will also give them the opportunity to improve their skills playing the game. The good thing is that they can use the machine even inside the house. That is why there is no reason not to exercise even during undesirable weather condition. You can see a wide variety from this pitching machine reviews website.

Performing a physical activity will make your teens physical fit and healthy. Likewise, it will help in enhancing self-esteem at the same time reducing stress. Once your teens are involved in physical activities, you can expect that they will be spared engaging from vices rather focus on their schooling. Teenagers may show resistance in getting active, parents should acknowledge it, but it is important to explain that engaging in physical activities at least few minutes a day will make a difference in their lives.

Benefits of Electric Bikes

Having an electric bike offers numerous benefits regardless of the reason for using it. It supports non-assisted cycling, which means that beginners and regular cyclists can use this type of bicycle. Some people are asking why they should choose an electric bike over other types of bicycles. Here are some reasons why you should.

  • Get fitPeople living a sedentary life are more prone to diseases. Regular exercising is essential to live a healthy lifestyle. Cycling is a good way to exercise even if you are using an electric bike. It can help people suffering from arthritis to do gentle workout. Riding on an electric bike assists in maintaining the level of activity.

  • Save time and money – Electric bikes offer convenience in commuting. It also saves money for the fuel and of course your time in looking for parking space. You can go out anytime of the day without worrying the traffic. It is also cheaper to maintain as compared to running a car. That is why if you are working in a distant place, you can consider using electric bike.

  • Go further and faster – Unlike riding in a car, using electric bikes can get you further and faster. Although cars are speedier, yet most often it gets stuck on traffic, while the bike can go fast on short cuts and cycle paths.

  • Have fun – Cycling does not only offers healthy benefits but also makes the riding experience more fun. You can enjoy cycling with your children or spend a day with your friends touring around.

There are several types of electric bikes to choose from and it is important to choose the one that suits your preference. Likewise, you should also consider the type of motor that operates the bike so that you will know if how it will work for your cycling experience.